Thinking of barefoot island living?

Some of these Indian Ocean Islands are the most beautiful in the world. Pristine white sandy beaches with coconuts that dot the shorelines and warm waters throughout the year ensure that they are the perfect holiday destination when you need to unwind. Stunning corals teeming with tropical marine life and infinite shades of blue are both welcoming and soothing.

Interestingly Lamu Islands, made up of three main ones, are a blend of local Swahili, Arab, Indian and Chinese culture fusion. Boho chic boutique hotels are the go to not forgetting the sandy beaches as well as historic ruins. This Island is run on donkeys and boasts the most amazing dhow culture including some that have been converted into a “home” on the sea. October to March is the best travel season for Lamu as the kaskazi (northern) monsoon winds bring in warmer winds, clearer water and great fishing and diving.

The Spice Islands of Zanzibar are rich in culture and history of merchants who used this as a trade centre. Eventually luxury resorts came along these inviting beaches. Today it is a must stop after safaris in either Kenya or Tanzania.

Think of shallow blues and greens that are of the feel good type. Underwater and overwater bungalows. These Islands boast a myriad of getaways: from eco- luxury to the uber-luxury, there is something for everyone. Few destinations truly rank as high as Maldives. This archipelago is every travelers time no matter what time of the year it is.

The Bazaruto Archipelago was used by Spice Traders as part of their routing. The Indian Ocean in this region is warm and teeming with marine life: whales, manta rays, whale sharks, schools of dolphins and precious turtles. These Islands can be easily combined with a safari in the Kruger or greater Kruger area as there are direct frights.