The Zanzibar Archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania, is a breathtaking spot to escape from the world. You’ll enjoy clear, turquoise-blue water; shallow sandbars perfect for wading; and many small, nearly deserted islands virtually unvisited by tourists.

Explore the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City’s old quarter. Known as the Spice Islands, the two main Islands that are Zanzibar are Unguja and Pemba. Over centuries the Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Portuguese, Omani Arabs, Dutch and British have settled here at one time or another and influenced the local culture into the present fusion that is both exotic and fascinating, to say the least.

Allow us to organize a trip to the Spice farms followed by lunch at a local home the Swahili (typical) way. You can also opt to go snorkelling in the clear waters and even whale watching when in season. A walk through the maze that is Stone Town is an enriching experience. A Sandbank picnic in what seems to be a white island in the middle of the blue is absolutely amazing. A sunset cruise on one of the evenings would be the perfect way to end your trip.