Travel Tips

How to choose your first trip to Africa

Planning a first safari can be daunting. The beach and the wildlife as well as the rich cultures are equally important. We shall give you moments that will sometimes make you laugh out loud and even cry a little at the thought of leaving it all behind. At Black Leopard Adventures, we endeavor to make every trip a once in a lifetime happening. The following tips will guide you in choosing the perfect trip for you and even your loved ones.

  • With your family: – The look on your child’s face the first time they ever spot an elephant will be priceless. If you are going to the bush, Africa has great wilderness regions with a wide variety of luxury lodges built to accommodate families. Alternatively, you can opt to stay at small exclusive properties where your family will be pampered and specially looked after by a private butler and use of exclusive vehicle. If this will not be enough, you can opt to use small charter flights in between the parks in order to shorten the distances and ensure maximum enjoyment for the whole family.
  • With your friends:- Before travelling, decide amongst yourselves on if you want a safari experience combined with beach experience. Or if you want one of it. Then have a budget and plan around it. Depending on the number of people (for the safari experience most vehicles will take 7 passengers with a window seat guarantee) you can opt to either go to camps or lodges depending on your likes. Please contact us if you need advice and we shall be happy to organize a trip that will make your most outrageous dreams seem tame.
  • With your partner:- If you are travelling to Africa on your honeymoon or simply for pleasure, we shall be happy to host you and provide you with an experience like none other. Depending on your budget, you can either have private services meant to focus solely on providing you with the best personalized service or you can opt to join other tours on regular trail where you might meet other passengers doing the same thing. Decide on the kind of trip you want beforehand (could be bird watching, to beach or wilderness safari) and let us suggest a trip that will remain embedded in your hearts and minds forever. Until you decide to come back, that is, for a second and even fifth time.
  • Travelling alone: – Some of us opt to travel alone. Africa is well renowned for the warmth of its people. If you are thinking of travelling alone, rest assured that you will become a part of our family from the moment you land till the moment you depart. Whether you will opt to climb a mountain, walk by our beautiful seasides or sit in a vehicle alone with your tour guide enjoying seeing a mother lion and her cubs play for hours, your wish is our command. We shall tailor make a trip for you that will leave you longing to wake up to African sounds every morning.
  • If you have physical disabilities or are senior citizens: we aim at providing VIP services to all our customers. We have accommodation that is suited to ensuring that your stay is comfortable and ensuring you have a safari or beach experience to last you a lifetime. We welcome you with open arms. Please get in touch with us beforehand to ask what we can tailor make for you. We shall provide you with several specialized options to choose from that will ensure an optimum experience all the way round.