When you think of taking a safari with your multi-generational family, most likely the first thing you think of is “complicated”. Well, we make sure there is nothing complex about family safari planning. We think of the easiest way to make it seamless. We shall think of going private all the way; private transfers, private safaris, private houses with your private chefs and driver guides. We shall not have the matriarch of the family leaving for safaris at 6 am. We shall be flexible to suit all the needs of the family. From the little tots to the oldest ones.

We find that South Africa is one of our favourites for multigenerational safaris. This is because here we can choose exclusive malaria-free zones. Activities be it in the bush or in the Western Cape are delightfully wide range so no one is ever left out.

Responsible Safaris
We thought that the best way to give back to the environment while in tandem providing new life for both flora and fauna was the best way to go. This is why for every passenger that travels with us we plant a tree. Tree planting is the simplest yet most effective way of tackling climate change and in our case, carbon emissions that is our target.